Sunday, February 12, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 20 - Winners All Around

Just a short episode in which I announce "The Sweater" is completed! Wooohooo!  And winners for the Travel Knitting Giveaway are announced. And the Intention Knitting KAL kicks off today. And I got some progress done on an ancient sock project. Come celebrate with me.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 19 - Shop Talk

In this episode I talk about my yarn dyeing and how I create and document my formulas/recipes. I review a number of books with dyeing techniques. Includes reminders about the upcoming Intention Knitting KAL as well as the Travel Knitting Giveaway. Also, a general notice about discontinuing my lace line and bringing on a DK weight yarn base, as well as information about placing custom orders - always welcome! And would you check out the progress on my sweater - woo hoo!
Good to Know:
Intention Knitting KAL casts on Feb 12th 
Join us in the podcast group for an online chat. 
Some kits still available - order now!
Travel Knitting Giveaway: 
Available to international entries - enter in the 
podcast group before Feb 10th to win. 
Winners announced in NEXT EPISODE!
Special thanks to Donna of 
for questions regarding dyeing! 
Be sure to check her out!!
Featured/Recommended Publications:
Dyeing to Spin & Knit - Felicia Lo 
The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook - Lynne Vogel 
Yarns to Dye For - Kathleen Taylor 
The Knitter’s Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarn - Lorna Miser 
The New Dyer - Sally Vinroot & Jennie Crowder 
The Knitter’s Palette - Kate Haxell 
Hand-dyed Yarn Craft Projects - Debbie Tomkies
Love you all! See you next week. 
Happy knitting & dyeing!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Travel Knitting Giveaway!

I’m going on a road trip and I want to take a knitting project along. I thought it would be fun to have YOU select the project for me… and there are PRIZES!

Here are my stipulations:

  • Keep in mind, I’m traveling in a car.
  • Please no straight stockinette - I’d like the pattern to have a little interest.
  • Please no crazy multi-page charts - simple charts are great.
  • Please nothing bigger than worsted or finer than fingering.
  • Ultimately I would prefer not to work in the round; it’s difficult on me in the car (insert green sad face).
  • Pattern can be free or pay to play, but must be knitting.

To ENTER, please comment in my Ravelry group thread with your suggestion with a link to the pattern (if possible) AND tell me which item from my shop would be your ideal prize..

If I choose your suggestion - YOU WIN! 
I will ship you any one item from my Etsy shop - your choice!

If I don’t choose your suggestion… You still might WIN!
I’ll be randomly selecting from the suggestions that meet the stipulations above and I will ship you any one item from my Etsy shop - your choice!


  • Enter as often as you like, but please only one item per post - random drawing will be post based so multiple posts get you more entries 
  • Entries MUST be made in my Ravelry group thread - (it's FREE to join Ravelry if you haven't already.)
  • Entries must be received by Friday February 10th - Winners will be announced in the podcast filmed that weekend.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 18 - Progress, Regress and Blocking

Managed to get some knitting done this week, as well as some pretty serious tinking. As promised, I’ve got a full blocking demonstration for you in this episode.
Be sure to check out my Travel Knitting Giveaway thread for your chance to win any one item from my Etsy shop - your choice!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 17 - Community & Harmony

This weeks podcast includes: a discussion about communities, preview of the “Good Vibrations” sock pattern for the upcoming Intention Knitting KAL, some questions answered about how I got started and products I use, and then a full demonstration of an oven based dyeing technique.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 16 - Intentions

In this episode, I show off my progress on the Curiosity scarf by Barbara Benson and talk about how a friend is doing it differently (and how I wish I had too), discuss how I'm advancing with my improvised curse breaking sweater, and show off five new colorways exclusive to the Intention Knitting KAL kits - which are available for presale now in my Etsy shop.

Be sure to visit Chain344's podcast on YouTube.

Intention Knitting KAL

Left to Right: Harmony, Empowerment, Success, Achievement, Sanctuary

Pre-order is now open for the Intention Knitting KAL kits. Choose the colorway that speaks to you!

Your kit will include one skein of Tap Monkey (75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon 100g/463 yards) in your chosen colorway and a digital copy of "Good Vibrations" sock pattern - $28 USD, plus shipping.

Kits will ship February 6, 2017 with KAL to begin February 12, 2017.

The Intention Knitting KAL is a project of meditative gratitude knitting. The sock pattern is a simple slip stitch textured sock in multiple sizes designed to make the most of your variegated yarn while providing you an opportunity to focus on key words, emotions, and thoughts of gratitude. By simply choosing a mantra, feeling or memory that resonates with your desired happiness and bringing it to the forefront of your thoughts while working on your project, you will infuse this positivity into your project, making it a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Which colorway resonates with you? What energies do you want to knit into your socks?

Harmony features tones of silver, white and pink to encourage a stronger connection with the self, quieting the mind and encouraging love of oneself.

Empowerment is comprised of tonal variants of vibrant reds and plum purple calling for respect, building passion and directing your personal power into focus.

Success glows with warm marigold tones of rich gold and warm orange tones enriching your sense of security, enacting motivation and setting prosperity into motion.

Achievement boldly blends rich mossy greens with iris blues organizing the mind, structuring thoughts and building ambitions towards your goals.

Sanctuary soothes the soul with silver strands of privacy, peaceful soft blues, and protective black boundaries creating your own personal mental safehouse.

Join us on Ravelry to discuss and share!
Knit Up & Dye Podcast Group
Intention KAL Thread

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 15 - Psychometry, Product Pricing & Progress

In which I discuss the “science” behind why intention knitting works, answer questions about yarn, pattern and product pricing, and show off a little progress, all before dashing off to binge knit in front of my television for the rest of the day.
Slipstream Shawl is available until 01/21/17 for 50% off with coupon code: 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Knit Up and Dye Episode 14 - Boundaries

In which I set my intention word for the year, tell you about a couple sales and show my current WIP.

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