Ornament Exchange 2019

Christmas 2019 Ornament Exchange

Are you a knitter/crocheter/felter interested in connecting with other fiber enthusiasts? This holiday community mixer is a great opportunity to share your craft and make new friends, while enhancing your holiday decor and cheer. This year will be open World Wide with two divisions: North America/Canada and Europe/AU/NZ.


How it works: 

  • Register before September 1st. 
    • Your $8.00 participation fee registers you and covers packaging, return shipping and more.  This fee is non-refundable after October 1st. Register through the Pay Now button at the bottom of this page.
  • Craft & Label
    • Make six (6) ornaments in your preferred craft(s) and ship them to me by November 3rd (address provided after registration). Be sure to add a little gift tag to each one with your name, any contact info (Instagram/Ravelry/Email) you are comfortable sharing, and of course some holiday cheer. Please do not wrap your ornaments. 
  • Receive & Enjoy
    • I will swap your six ornaments with six ornaments, each one from a different crafter, add some fun bits, and return ship by November 26th.
Feeling Generous? Want to craft more? Thank you. Any ornaments you craft in addition to your six will act as "angels" and cover for any reservations that drop out, and will otherwise become part of the "and more" added to each package. Please be sure to include a note during checkout indicating you'd like to be an "Angel Crafter." Feel free to include anything else you'd like to share, contribute or suggest.

Join us on Ravelry HERE for more community interaction.


Why don’t you want ornaments wrapped? Because I’ve never been able to wait for Christmas and always like to spoil my surprises. Not really. It’s so that I can be sure people truly receive an assortment. I know you are going to make a wonderful variety of delights, and it would be a shame if in this wonderland of opportunity one person received just five versions of one thing and one other thing. I want to be able to ensure the variety.

How are the ornaments going to be distributed around the group? The distribution is going to work much like a game of Mancala (without goal wells) or Leap Frog. The easiest way to articulate this is to say if there are 7 participants, Participant #1’s ornaments will go out to Participant 2-7, Participant #2’s will go out to Participant 3-7 and 1, Participant #3’s will go out to 4-7, 1-2. This leap frogging will be expanded out over the entire group so that everyone receives and assortment of 6. Additional considerations and manipulations will go into play for when multiple members of the same household participate. Any additional ornaments provided by “angel crafters” will be pooled and used as part of the “& more”.

You said don’t wrap the ornaments, but I’d like to add other little gifts for my recipients. Can I put them in little bags? Absolutely, and what a delightful idea! Feel free to include little extras in addition to your tagged ornament, but certainly, don’t feel obligated.

Jesse, what are the chances my friend Betty Ann will get my ornament? Honestly, I’m not sure. It would depend entirely on your position in the swap. If you have specific instructions such as “Could you please be sure Melinda receives one of my ornaments” or “I’ve included an extra x, would you please add it to Marge’s package” I will do my best to honor all requests.

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