Sunday, April 15, 2018

Knit Up and Dye Episode 65 - Touching Base

Really just a quick episode to announce the winner of the Tippy Tree Yarns giveaway, announce the chosen theme for the design along, show off my finished sock and say HI!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Knit Up and Dye Episode 64 - Integrity

General discussion includes my return to knitting AND physical therapy, progress on my Daelyn sweater and my Squircle socks, love for the Sweet Tea, No Shade Podcast CowlKAL and my new pattern "Azbury Cowl". I discuss blocking acrylic yarns.  I show off a wonderfully generous gift from Tiffany at Tippy Tree Yarns and remind you of the giveaway. Vote for the Design Along theme on Ravelry.  I also introduce a new product. Come join the fun!

Knit Up & Dye

Host: Jessica L'Heureux

Ravelry: jesseknits
Ravelry Group: Knit Up & Dye Podcast
Instagram: dyemonkeyyarns

Theme Music:
"Throw the Hammer Hard" - Bob Log III
Thank you, thank you, Bob for letting me use this!
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Featured Patterns & Yarns:

"Azbury Cowl" by Jessica L'Heureux - Available on Ravelry
"Squircle" by General Hogbuffer- Free on Ravelry
"Daelyn Pullover" by Isabell Kraemer - Available on Ravelry

Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand Yarns

Tippy Tree Yarns by Tiffany Foppe
"Riot" fingering on Superwash Merino Twist

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Colorway Chronicles: My Summer Romance

I have a great love for water. Whether lake, ocean, river, shower, or bath, if I have the opportunity to be in or around water, I will take it. Especially during the summer months. Ironically, I live in the desert. To that end, water is ever more precious to me and my appreciation, ever stronger.  I have many romantic fantasies of escaping to a quiet beach house in view of rolling waves and lovely blue-grey time rounded stone covered beaches. This colorway is the embodiment of that fantasy.